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 An Introduction to your New Lamitek Photosmart 13 Body Laminator.

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PostSubject: An Introduction to your New Lamitek Photosmart 13 Body Laminator.   Wed Sep 21, 2011 5:21 pm

The new Photosmart 13 Pouch Laminator was initially specifically
designed to offer premium lamination of your electronic digital photographs
and prints. Featuring its features, the
Lamitek Photosmart 13 seriously shines in its style.
If you are considering a high quality bag
laminator that is manufactured to protect your digital pictures, you are
in chance. The brand new Photosmart 13 Tote Laminator was specifically
intended to offer high quality lamination to your digital photographs
and paper prints. This wonderfully styled 13 inch machine is perfect for
protecting documents using pockets as thin as 3mil design thick as
10mil and is available intended for $200. With its qualities, the
Lamitek Photosmart 13 seriously shines in its style. Here are few stuff
to note about this Photosmart 13...
1. A Photosmart13 laminator
utilizes unique patented technology to give superior lamination of
electric photographs. It uses together heated rollers and warm plates to
ensure superior lamination however your photographs. Most many other pouch
laminators that work with both heat plates in addition to heated rollers cost a few to
five times about the this machine.
couple of. The Photosmart13
laminator is going to automatically adjust itself designed for different thicknesses of
records. In fact, it can accept documents that has a total thickness of
1. 5mm (60mil).
3. It has become the only pouch laminators within the
market designed with foil fusing as the primary goal. This means that the slicer
can be used jointly with special rolls of foil to supply foil to
your beam of light printed documents. This is a fantastic for creating
decorations, holiday cards or adding or even a touch to your small business
4. When Lamitek released the Photosmart-13 these folks
serious about providing an alternative for lamination of digital camera prints. In
conjunction together with the release of this laminator, Lamitek as well released a
whole line of laminating pouches in the most widespread photographic sizes.
The 3" times 5" Laminating Pouches, 5" times 7" Laminating Pouches, 4" times 6"
Laminating Pouches, plus 8" x 10" Laminating pockets are specifically
designed for use on this laminator.
5. The laminating unit
has also been extensively tested with many of the different types of
ink jet photo paper including smooth photo paper and matte photograph paper.
This is very important since some pouch laminators can melt or deform
certain different types of coated inkjet papers.
A Photosmart 13
laminator is an very innovative pouch laminator that is perfect for
laminating digital photographs printed with the inkjet printer. Check
them out today.

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An Introduction to your New Lamitek Photosmart 13 Body Laminator.
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