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 5 Celebrities Who Survived Child Abuse

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PostSubject: 5 Celebrities Who Survived Child Abuse   Tue Sep 20, 2011 1:10 pm

Behind some of essentially the most messed-up celebrities (and some who was able to cope) are some rather messed-up parents.

They might be stage parents, parents who will be going through separation, or maybe plain free-loaders, investing on their child抯 celebrity status, to ensure, in time, their abuse are going to pay back its dividends.

Macaulay Culkin? Let抯 start off with someone who could cope with his parent抯 exploitation. A celebrity since the age of 4, this child star made a success as the cute and funny kid at home Alone. The most famous along with richest child star in history, he alone set the common for how kids is usually cute by interacting together with older co-stars. By the age of 13, he was actually earning millions per work. By the age involving 14, he was sensation burnt-out, with the so-so reception within the Pagemaster, Getting Even By means of Dad and Richie Prosperous, while it would appear he lost his touch, some say that it again the conflict between his parents was the reason that he wasn抰 you will find special good. Behind the moments, his parents were speaking about separation, and whoever is at custody of Mack would surely get a natural part of his fortune. In 1996, he declared which he won抰 take in new roles before issue with his moms and dads gets resolved. By 1997, the father, Kit Culkin relinquished guardianship to his mother, Patricia Brentrup, along with Macaulay only returned to make sure you acting nearly four numerous years later, in 2001, in stage, in a The united kingdom Production of 揗adame Melville,? the teen years wasted, all as a consequence of his parents.

Jennifer Aniston? Them mother, Nancy, granted an interview concerning her daughter on tabloid television in the peak of Jen抯 recognition in Friends. As the parent, she should always get her daughter抯 best involvement with consideration, but instead, the girl abused it, and capitalized into it. Jen was so upset that she cut scarves to her mom, even going in terms of not inviting her to be with her wedding with Brad Pitt? throughout possible retaliation, her woman wrote a book, named, 揊rom Mother And Child To Friends: A Memoir.? It details how to deal with life when your famous person child turns their once again on abuse.

Drew Barrymore? She抯 the most adored faces in motion pictures, but suffered abuse at a real young age. Her mother, John, left before she was given birth to, and her mother, Jaid, was a photo of neglect. Which created Drew抯 early rise to be able to stardom was also their downfall? an alcoholic through 9, marijuana smoker through 10, and snorting cocaine by just 12, while her mom, who was also her manager back then apparently did nothing. By simply 15, and after 3 rehab visits, a suicide try and recovery, she could get herself emancipated coming from her mother.

Lindsay Lohan? She抯 at the moment in recovery, but that抯 not saying her mother, Dina Lohan, wasn抰 behind all that抯 happened to her thus far. The abuse she put Lindsay through is definitely? appalling. Capitalizing on her victory to rocket-boost herself plus Lindsay抯 sister Ali for you to get a reality TV indicate, isn抰 something they might reward moms for. Which in turn she did.

Britney Spears? The top for last. Now everyone wonders how she could possibly be the same Britney from any 90抯, when she抯 had A great deal of horrible news about your ex. Let抯 not forget which usually, in her teens, she was already the family抯 breadwinner. If that kind of abuse doesn抰 cause you to grow up a little all messed up, what will?
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5 Celebrities Who Survived Child Abuse
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