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 Cold shoulder counsel consumer complaints enthusiastic public relations suffered another HP - Hewlet

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PostSubject: Cold shoulder counsel consumer complaints enthusiastic public relations suffered another HP - Hewlet   Thu Sep 08, 2011 12:33 pm

Because of the oft-repeated statements are usually not satisfied with HP, HP and representatives regarding consumer rights protection solicitors to appeal again on the AQSIQ. March 22, within the care of the Normal Administration of Quality Guidance, Consumer Rights and Related Rights with respect to lawyers and executives fulfilled HP communication, lawyers explain again to be able to HP consumer requests to present more operational HP plan, but still get HEWLETT PACKARD "back investigation" answer. To attend the meeting of an important method easy to system CEO Wangfeng Chang, Jiangsu Hua, Liu Yongbin, Wenxian Hong legal representatives, brand marketing director with HP China, Ji Shen, director in the Center and the Current administration of Quality Supervision, whom appeals. After AQSIQ throughout China report that Hewlett-Packard Offer Some Notebook Quality difficulties, and ordered HP to safeguard the legitimate rights and even interests of Chinese customers, but HP said seriously implement the "Three Helps ensure Act. " But consumers typically are not satisfied with the results that this is the "consumers and lawyers understand this course, " Hewlett-Packard computers are unable to solve the problem. In both communication process, raised the most concern to consumers a few questions: 1, Hewlett-Packard quality in the real reason? 2, NVIDIA provides compensation to the downstream firms, the number employed to compensate consumers? 3, HEWLETT PACKARD had proposed programs, why are certainly not many models in which often consumers, and some models are certainly not even sold in Chinese suppliers? 4 HP through after-sales company system, consumers want to determine the repair, take the initiative to contact the consumer to resolve problems based on computer and announced a sale and maintenance of data. 5, the consumer has requested to work with HP warranty period, the quantity of small and warranty problems treated inside same computer. HP fault because besides insist that "a particular production line supplier of single varieties of products have quality problems", for the other issues, did not come up with a clear positive response. Wangfeng Chang explained, HP refused to disclose the unique amount for damages, the program flaws that want to "go back and examine, " The solution should further "improve", strict implementation in the "three guarantees" program, still would not give a consumer who wish a "recall" answer. Along with consumers "cold" different, HP's advertising showed greater "enthusiasm. " "HP began on Walk 22 Advertisement Block destructive news, "the news spread in the marketplace. According to sources, beginning March 22, HP China started large-scale advertising on the media. It is reported that HP large area of the targeted media advertising, advertising media are unable to get the required project to report HP Laptop PC quality problems, as you move the HP notebook product top quality news, not make testimonials. In addition, HP has purchased any "HP Quality Gate" and a number of negative keywords. But inside dialogue, HP has dismissed this. However, according to friends mirrored the negative keywords in connection with HP's purchase, use the are the cause of the positive report Baidu Promotional of digital links, many users ignore the consumer for the HORSEPOWER instead strengthen the media's motion "unacceptable. " Currently, there are several consumer complaints in the end that is up to the try to remember. Wangfeng Chang said the lawyers was required to prepare hundreds of innovative material, is expected to remain at the 23 submitted to your AQSIQ. Wang Fengchang that will, due to the treatment of General Administration associated with Quality Supervision, HP would not dare to maintain its tough stance to take care of the concerns of customers, consumer rights protection is usually considered a small being successful, but HP is always in the testing in depth the consumer's bottom collection, trying to maximize the protection on their interests. That from HP's attitude seems Rights in the process is the steps involved in game consumers and Hewlett-Packard, but he said that confidence down the road of the defenders, united as one providing consumers continue to supply relevant materials, HP are not perfunctory trouble. Baidu search "HP quality door" in promoting the link is Hewlett-Packard released the "Customer Care Program" Baidu search "HP cockroaches" to push the link is Hewlett-Packard released the "HP notebook users in China addressed the letter"
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Cold shoulder counsel consumer complaints enthusiastic public relations suffered another HP - Hewlet
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