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 Android Apps Save Your Battery! Advanced Task Killer To The Rescue!

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PostSubject: Android Apps Save Your Battery! Advanced Task Killer To The Rescue!   Sun Sep 18, 2011 3:09 pm

Alright Boys and Young girls, have you experienced trouble having your battery pack in the HTC Incredible (or some other Android-based phone either) to last from your day? I have undoubtedly! I usually have to switch on my battery pack two or simply three times within a day, particularly if I'm utilizing many online or Internet-based software programs.

When I realized this was just going to become an on-going trouble in my situation personally, I began to lookup online for things that I could possibly do so as to improve my battery抯 efficiency. I recalled how my Blackberry mobiles would leave applications open within the background that I was instructed to manually close, and I thought that my Incredible was the same way, just it抯 applications didn抰 get many 慹xit? or even 慶lose? buttons much of the time.

In came Advanced Undertaking Killer! This may perhaps be the most Valuable app I acquire ever downloaded! It places a small Android figure within the top status bar within your cellular so you are aware it抯 performing. You can open the particular notification screen by starting near the the surface of the display screen and swiping all the way down whenever you be aware of the status bar, and after that click the ATK line to open the application. You may be surprised by all the programs you could have running while in the background that are seemingly started randomly by your Android-based cell. One example is, in my phone, I killed 17 products whilst writing this so as to increase my battery living. For some reason, the phones throw open software programs to maintain them operating from the background, even though you could have not used them. As one example, my cellphone keeps my Google Maps in addition to my Skype applications constantly operating even though I抳e never used Skype and I utilize maps possibly once every 2-3 weeks.

The most beneficial feature of the software, however, is in exactly what it does for you on auto-pilot: Go into the surroundings menu and browse because of the 慉uto Kill Rate of recurrence? and touch it using your finger. You can actually set ATK to automatically kill just around any un-used applications at whichever time you抎 like. I have mine set to remove the apps every 30 minutes, but you may specify it longer or diminished intervals. Another function which you'll set is called a 慖gnore List.? Using this method, you抮e able to tell ATK to not kill certain applications simply because they must stay running. I抳e set mine not to kill 慉ngry Birds? since I love the game a whole lot.

Being a top rated download from the free apps category of this Android Market, this app is often a snap for anyone to get, as well as it抯 the single most beneficial behind-the-scenes apps anyone can don your cellphone. It抯 cut my battery usage in 50 percent of, meaning I've got additional up-time with my cellular than I ever may have without it. Without almost any doubt, I抎 suggest it to your person with an HTC Incredible OR any other Android-based mobile phone.
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Android Apps Save Your Battery! Advanced Task Killer To The Rescue!
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