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 Acer Aspire One D260 Review On 22-hour Battery Life

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PostSubject: Acer Aspire One D260 Review On 22-hour Battery Life   Sat Sep 17, 2011 3:07 pm

Acer was one of the primary companies to bring a dual-core Atom netbook to offer for a price designed trounce the competition. Although Aspire One D255 offered an impressive design, pretty good operation, and a low $329 expense, a wonky touchpad and various drawbacks outweighed the features. This time, Acer is set to get it right together with the Aspire One D260, offering a slick dual-core product that fixes the weak spots of its predecessor and features you normally don't find in a netbook--such as 2GB for RAM and Windows Home Premium. These perks feature a higher price tag of $399 (though you can find it for about $40 fewer online). Is the D260 worth more than its predecessor and contesting $299 netbooks? As its name suggests, the D260 is Acer's current-generation sequel to your company's unfortunate D150, a netbook that is only distinguishable by a rather unattractive design. We've already seen which will Acer has made a vital change for the better in such a department with the Would like One 533, but unexpectedly the D260 sports a notably different chassis. Before we start how it looks and also feels, however, let's consider what's under the cover. In terms of specifications there are absolutely no surprises, as well as 10. 1in D260 is usually as basic as it should get. An N450 Intel Atom CPU sits along at the helm, running at 1. 66GHz. There are 1GB of memory, that is certainly just enough for Windows 7 Starter to receive by on, runs Intel's integrated GMA 3150 graphics (i. ourite. 3D gaming is away from the question), includes a slightly stingy 160GB hard drive - though arguably this is certainly already more than most netbook users will need - and 802. 11n Wi-Fi, nonetheless no Bluetooth. Of course a webcam and microphone are also integrated. As you would expect, the D260 is considerably cheaper versus the 300 Aspire One 533, and can be obtained for around 230. For almost all, the loss of Wireless and perfectly smooth 720p HD video (due to your 533's slightly faster processor) are probably acceptable considering you pay off 70 less. Surprisingly, we look for the D260's design far superior to that of the higher-end 533. For instance, it's slightly thinner, and also its particular battery doesn't protrude out as much, which is odd as it offers identical capacity. For another, its screen rests lower to the main hinge, so the gap between the bezel and hinge isn't as pronounced. On a 533, the power control key is small, whereas the D260 features one that's how big the the average person's fingertip, defining it as easier to press. As a final point, while visually the uniquely patterned finish around the keyboard could often be a matter of taste (we quite like it), ergonomically it has the smooth, soft-touch surface should make it far nicer to sleep your palms on and gives it a sleek advanced feel. The only down side is that, unusually, but not only the netbook's lid but its base too is finished in glossy black plastic. <! --INFOLINKS_OFF-->

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Keyboard and Touchpad Acer's FineTip keyboard to the D260 feels slightly cramped. The layout is flat similar to a chiclet-style keyboard, but the keys are close together like a traditional keyboard. This arrangement lead to some typos, but not less than the keys themselves made available snappy feedback. Because with its more recessed battery power, the D260's keyboard also isn't sloped individuals of the 533. This makes typing more leisurely, especially since it entails your palms aren't resting to the netbook's front edge and so heavily. The keyboard on its own looks nearly identical, sports a matt black finish and good layout through full-size Enter and right-Shift keys. Key feedback is a tad to the shallow side and unfortunately significantly less positive or springy as that located on the 533, but it's continue to usable. The 3. 0 times 1. 5-inch multitouch touchpad is definitely nice and wide and has now the same smooth texture as being the surrounding deck; there will be lines to delineate it all both visually and from touch. We were qualified to execute multitouch gestures comfortably and experienced none of your jumpiness we saw previously on the Aspire One D255. A long, single mouse button bar to the D260 had some stiffness to it. We prefer two particular buttons, but at least it's long enough to distinguish between the left and also right sides by look and feel. Unlike on the 533, the multi-touch touchpad is raised extremely slightly, giving instant feedback while you leave the touch area. It's positioned so it doesn't interfere with typing, and it's finished in the same soft plastic as being the palm rests, which is very pleasant. Its buttons are incorporated to a single chromed rocker switch and offer crisp presses, but the right button's active zone is too far aside, forcing your thumb so that you can stretch uncomfortably. Battery Life and Wi-Fi The Acer Aspire One D260 Battery lasted for 6 a lot of time and 33 minutes to the LAPTOP Battery Test. This is certainly an impressive score for your dual-core system with some 4400 mAh capacity six-cell battery. This score is only a couple of minutes longer than any netbook average and almost exactly the same as the Samsung NF310. The Aspire One D255 Battery and the Eee PC 1015PEM lasted above an hour . 5 longer (8: 14 and 8: 07, respectively). At the moment, while doing some operater updates, I ran Battery Bar and saw the fact that netbook was doing quite a low discharge rate about only -2, 000 mWhr. Which includes a 6-cell Acer AL10A31 battery rated at 4400mAh, within the future . the netbook a battery life of 22 days! I know it can even out as I utilize the netbook for surfing and other tasks but at least I know it is easy to conserve the battery everyday life that long. Give me just one half of that and Im happy. Battery life is good or quite up to (admittedly significantly more expensive) rivals, with a six-cell, 4, 400mAh (49 Watt-hour) battery lasting for under over six hours in our video playback test utilizing screen brightness at 50 percent and Wi-Fi powered down. That should be plenty for almost all users, and less intensive use which includes a still usable lower brightness ought to see you well on the seven hour mark. It could be more than the in the same way priced Samsung N130, which does profit by a non-reflective display that may tempt many. When it reaches value, the 230 D260 offers the potential to catapult the Aspire One netbook range back into the popularity it enjoyed together with the original Aspire One, as this is much less expensive than most netbooks good newer Atom N450. Acer's choice to aquire a smaller hard drive not to mention omit Bluetooth has really paid back in this regard, when compared to 280-plus rivals like the MSI Wind U160 and also Toshiba NB250, the D260 but not only offers identical performance but also far superior ergonomics. Verdict As you move Aspire One D260 doesn't bring anything new to the table where specifications are engaged, its visual flair and soft-touch ergonomics lend it a benefit, honed further by a price that easily undercuts rivals. Original Post by: http: //www. battery-center. net/blog/acer-aspire-one-d260-review-on-22-hour-battery-life. html <! --INFOLINKS_OFF-->.
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Acer Aspire One D260 Review On 22-hour Battery Life
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