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 How To Use The Usb Wireless Network Card On Dm800 Hd

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How To Use The Usb Wireless Network Card On Dm800 Hd Empty
PostSubject: How To Use The Usb Wireless Network Card On Dm800 Hd   How To Use The Usb Wireless Network Card On Dm800 Hd EmptyThu Nov 10, 2011 3:41 pm

As we all know, DM800 HD has the USB port, this makes it possible to plug a USB wireless network card to DM800 HD. However, if we want to use the function of USB wireless network card, we should have a wireless network access point (AP) first. We can use the 54Mbps WIFI ADSL router to set up the WLAN.
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First, we should plug the WIFI USB wireless network card to the USB port on the backboard of DM800 HD, and then turn on DM800 HD. Secondly; you have to set up the parameters in the operating system. The operating system we use now is Gemini 2.
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1. Go though the way of Main Menu ?Blue Board ?Settings to get into the Kernel Module setting interface. Since the USB wireless network card we use in this case uses the drive of RT73, we choose the WLAN RT73 and save the settings use the green button.
2. After the loading process, get into the internet setting interface though the way of Main Menu ?Settings ?System. Choose the option to restart network.
3. If the network is restarted, go back to the network setting interface. Now, here will be the Choosing Network Card option, push OK on remote controller to get in.
4. Now you are in the Network Settings interface, there will be a scan wireless network extra option. Before we get to use the WLAN, we have to scan wireless network signal first, so push the OK button and get in.
5. In the interface of Choose a Wireless Network, we can see the Hot ?Spots around us. Choose the one you want to connect and you will see the massage of ? WIRELESS NETWORK (S) FOUND!?The SSID of the network may be the name of the router you uses and ENCRYPTION: NO means that the network doesnꊰ use the encryption settings.
6. Now, you get to the Network Card Settings using the ordinary way and set the IP address just like the onboard LAN device. You have to pay attention to that if the WLAN uses the encryption settings; you have to set the type (WEP, WPA, WPA2 or WPA&WPA2) and key type (ASCII, HEX) of the encrypted network.
7. After all the settings, you can active the network using the OK button and you have to click on YES if the system ask you whether to forbid the second network card.
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Congratulations, you have done all the things required; now you can enjoy the wireless network.

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How To Use The Usb Wireless Network Card On Dm800 Hd
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