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 Red Ring of Death Fix - Do it yourself Guide.

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Red Ring of Death Fix - Do it yourself Guide. Empty
PostSubject: Red Ring of Death Fix - Do it yourself Guide.   Red Ring of Death Fix - Do it yourself Guide. EmptySat Oct 15, 2011 4:08 pm

The Xbox's greatest problem, the Red Ring of Passing away is caused
by overheating. With heat the motherboard will expand and contract, putting
strain on the soldiering which holds the GPU not to mention motherboard together. After the actual
GPU breaks loose, you officially have the RROD.
η‡­here are lots of simple fixes if you have the RROD on ones
Xbox. More than ten million of these consoles were manufactured with the help of fatal
design flaws that lead to hardware failure and many other problems. When one of your
green lights turns red, your system is notifying you of a problem.

One red light means you have hardware problems and will need
repairs. Two red lighting indicate overheating. If this is the case, turn your
system off and move it to a ventilated area.?
Once you've three red lights, you have the Red Ring associated with Death and
require attention immediately. Four red lights indicate a problem with the
power cable, worst case scenario, it needs replacing.

If you have three red lights and your warranty has expired
you have two options, spend the $140 dollars and send your console straight to
Microsoft or fix this yourself. If you decide on sending your system to help
Microsoft, be prepared to wait over a month to build it back.

The do it yourself option can be quicker and much, much
cheaper. A ready to purchase guide, DIY (do it yourself) is not only cheap but
you will be able to fix your RROD in an hour and a half. All you have for you to do is,
take off the actual cover, remove the x clamp; detach the screw and take out the heat
sink. Clear the CPU as well as GPU by putting some heat compound on the GPU.

Then put two nylon washers on top and underneath of the heat
sink screws, and screw the heat sink back on. After that, replace the cover and
your in the obvious! Most DIY guides are in such simple format, almost anyone
could follow them.? You can quickly and
easily repair any hardware problems associated with the red lights of departure
without sending your console away to Microsoft.
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Red Ring of Death Fix - Do it yourself Guide.
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