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 Become Mad! Country Going All the way down, Part 7.

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Become Mad! Country Going All the way down, Part 7. Empty
PostSubject: Become Mad! Country Going All the way down, Part 7.   Become Mad! Country Going All the way down, Part 7. EmptyFri Oct 14, 2011 1:09 pm


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If you have had read the previous six posts in such a series, regarding debt, shortfall, financial crisis and You. S. credit downgrade just by Standard and Poor's, Seen you would agree, I was able to establish that we have been number one in the world a long time, not because we really do not pay taxes or because we you should never regulate. We have been number one anywhere because we built any world's first and very best railroad system, of training course with tax payers' bucks, that revolutionized the travel and communication, firing the greatest economic growth, environment has ever experienced.
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We've been number one in everything because we built the particular world's greatest system in highways, roads and bridges, of course with tax bill payers money, which intensively supported our industry, establishments and agriculture, to a degree at which no an online business compete with us. We've been number one in everything because we built, keep in mind with tax payers' capital, the world's largest a great number extensive network of international airports, which did not only greatly supported our personal aircraft manufacturing, airline industry and everyone in the middle of it, but, also added great value in the transportation of products and repair shops.
We have been number anywhere because we build, keep in mind with tax payers capital, world's greatest network with seaports, revolutionizing the carry around of goods and recreational travel. We have been number one anywhere because we built together with encouraged, of course by using tax payers money, the world's greatest a great number extensive television, radio, rag, magazine and website cpa affiliate networks. This world greatest haul and communication system (commonly termed infra-structure), mostly built simply by tax payers money, made it impossible for anyone across the world to compete with individuals.

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We've been number one because you built and ran, keep in mind with tax payers capital, an educational system that has been number one education structure in the world a long time. It provided us an unending availabilit of the workers, professionals and experts who always stayed on top of global competition.
We have been number one anywhere because we developed any world's greatest universities and also research institutes mostly produced or funded by income tax payers money. That was important, why the greatest designs, inventions and innovations mostly came arose in America. We always had an immense competitive advantage on each else because we mostly contain the patents for most extravagant and advanced products few cheap manufacturing country might possibly ever beat us.
We've been number one in the whole world because taxpayers paid for greatest police and superiority of law for some became a proverb around the globe, and safety and security of Americans and capital was anxiously superior compared to any other country on earth. We have been number one anywhere because tax payers supported the most successful justice system on earth. This system, contrary to many countries across the world, guaranteed justice for most people. We have been number one anywhere because hard working and the most efficient tax payers of America covered for the world's first not to mention greatest democracy. While we occasional ups and down in performance our government, legislature and governing institutions, we mostly experience very honest, hard doing business and dedicated government, primarily mainly because it was very well financed by tax payers. We've been number one in everything because we had The lord's mercy on us. The main reason for it was our united states and country's commitment to a fairly good care of neighbors, lousy, sick, disabled and youngsters, not only among us but also across the world, mostly through generous wellbeing and aid programs funded by tax payers.
We've been number in the world because you'll find always rewarded hard get the job done, innovation and creativity. We've found guaranteed equal opportunities together with mostly eliminated discrimination. He did this mostly made possible as a result of regulations funded by tax burden payers.
We have been number one anywhere because we did quite possibly the most revolutionary inventions like business manufacturing of automobiles, aeroplanes, light bulb, computers and public the ways to access Internet, to name only some, out of millions. He did this mostly made possible as a result of elimination of class strategy, to some extent, and providing all and sundry a plain and leveled field. We see tax greenbacks and regulations playing a giant role there, too.
We've been number one in everything because we built earth's greatest companies like Honda and Chrysler, Boeing, GE, IBM, not to mention Microsoft and Google, to name only some out of numerous. They then did not only assistance us in maintaining our dominance, but, also provided work surroundings and jobs that people across the world could only dream in. We know that being employed conditions in American companies never have this good from starting out. Labor laws, paid regarding by tax payers, and labor unions portrayed a revolutionary role for bringing working environment within country to a about ideal level, specially in best companies to get results for.
Hence, the basic many decisive difference between other countries and us is that him and i have an infra -structure in addition to system, mostly supported simply by tax payers and limitations, that guarantees the being successful and smooth operation regarding businesses. The biggest conditions most under developed and also developing countries face, on the way to development and even growth, are corruption, lk of equal opportunities together with access, bad or non-existing infra-structure, lake or lack of reliable and fast strategy for transportation and communication, lk or unavailability of backing, and poor education plus information. Traditionally we have constantly had an edge on every one of those important pillars of progression and development and many of us kept growing and leading the modern world until we kept a good edge in all these key elements of growth. As people are losing our edge on these absolutely necessary requirements for growth not to mention development, we are losing are leadership across the world, really fast.
To recover the control, we must guarantee the permission to access capital for all business owners, overhaul our education procedure, and support for homework and development, eliminate rising corruption together with inefficiency in government and also restore the leveled and plain field for any one. This cannot be achieved unless we revert that rapidly growing influence for corporations and lobbies in excess of government and elections system. <! --INFOLINKS_OFF-->.
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Become Mad! Country Going All the way down, Part 7.
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