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 Selecting Toshiba Handset.

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PostSubject: Selecting Toshiba Handset.   Wed Oct 12, 2011 1:42 pm

For everybody who is a small but growing company then you definately need the same performance than a big company has by its telephone systems; so a system that's the capability for dominion may be what you desire.
This article gives some in-depth details about choosing a Toshiba handset this really is right for your small business.
Toshiba Strata CIX 55 IP Telephone System
The Toshiba IP business communications is planned as a solution for businesses, whether they are big or small enterprise. Whether you want a rudimentary telephone or a model with advanced capabilities, the Toshiba system was compiled to fulfil your business phone number system needs.
Below is an insight to what is important to get with the Strata CIX 60 IP Telephone System:
*The system possesses a basic configuration of 8, 14 or 24 IP areas for IP phone interconnection lines and connections and trunks or outside traces. *You will get customer ID with 4-11 trunks, 8-16 handheld telephones, there is also voicemail which has an auto attendant and the phone call centre features will cause it to much easier to cope with customer service calls. If necessary you may have some advanced voicemail features to aid you. *Cordless and wireless handsets mean that anyone can take the phone with you when you're on the go, so your clients can still get in touch even when you are faraway from the office.
Powerful Strata CIX 100 IP Phone System Features & Possibilities
* If you have a very good medium sized and growing business than the Strata CIX 100 IP comes with extra features and capabilities that might be more suited to your needs.
* With this handset it's possible to have up to 112 ports or further by working multiple IP methods with Strata Net multi-system doing the job.
* You will have also mobility features with a detailed line of integrated cordless phones meaning you may be kept informed whether you could be in or outside the office.
* The system can also be upgradeable, which means the original investment in the device is not lost.
Strata CIX 180 IP Business Telephone Model
* The Strata CIX 250 IP Business Telephone System is made for medium to large establishments. It will provide the features you need for your business, today and someday.
* This system supports all sorts of telephones, including IP as well as digital phones, PDAs, laptops and PCs not to mention cordless phones to make a business telephone system that can change together with your business. *With this system it's possible to have a configuration of as much 96 channels for IP cellular phone and/or digital connections. It's possible to have up to 192 jacks, or even more by simply working multiple IP units with Strata Net multi-system doing the job.
* With this system moreover, you may get advanced voicemail applications to adjust to the needs of ones growing business.
Strata CIX 670
The Strata CIX 670 was compiled to meet the needs for larger businesses and associations respectively. While there are more features with this systems it could be true that your primary investment is safe because features can be combined with your current set way up.
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Selecting Toshiba Handset.
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