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 The state of texas Credit Freeze Laws -- A Halfway Proceed to Block Identity Theft.

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PostSubject: The state of texas Credit Freeze Laws -- A Halfway Proceed to Block Identity Theft.   Tue Oct 11, 2011 1:28 pm

If you're more dedicated a burglar is outside your private home, then would it be reasonable to usually have a lock on your own door? Seems common sense and obvious, but apparently low number of clear to Texas legislators. Within a legislative move equivalent to 'you can't purchase a lock until you can prove your house has been broken during to', Texas bill writers decided within a moment of rare law-making idiocy to limit Texas consumers' credit standing freeze privileges unless and until they may prove that they're a fabulous victim of identity theft or credit card fraud!
How Texas Credit Deep freeze Laws Crimp Residents Yet Aid Criminals. Everyone in the Solitary Star State has read a thousand times the politicians' campaign pledges 'we meet your needs exactly! '. However, in the actual expanding universe of over the internet fraud, identity theft, credit-based card fraud and other rip-off areas, the matter of which 'you' they're working for is now less obvious. Is it the Good Guys, ordinary Texas people, or is it the Crooks?
Limiting The Good Guys' Rights. Law abiding Texas people, the real Good Guys with the identity theft picture, have gotten the bums rush deal using their company pols. Here's the real deal on how Texas credit freeze performs. Lone Star residents should prove, via formal law enforcement investigative reports, that they have been already victimized by identity theft or card fraud before their credit rating reports can be locked-down and controlled against future piracy! To put it differently, by law Texas citizens cannot proactively defend their selves against future crimes associated with identity theft or related financial or securities being cheated unless they've first turn into a victim!
Enhancing The Poor Guys' Criminal Opportunities. Appears to be benign, the matter of timing together with control over how your credit report report might be made available. Yet, in the opportunistic mindset to a criminal, getting a 1-time access into your credit report is like being marketed 100 yards of open running room without any defenders in sight! In other words you ought to be kidding!
By initially stealing some part of your identity... a current card, an auto, birth listing, address, bank or bank account number... bad guys can then 'apply' for numerous thousands of credit business cards being hustled by consumer credit companies like department shops, hardware stores, banks, clothiers, possibly sports good companies. Most of these criminals, posing as 'you', run each newly issued credit-based card to the hilt, purchasing a lot of money of gear. What some people know, and then four week period later what you discover is that, you take advantage of the bill and you're accountable for payment on the gear which you never bought!
'What this heck... what's this stuff? What charge card is actually this? *@: #' you can be spitting and spewing. And do you know what? With the help of your Texas legislature, you're outside of luck unless and until you've been cheated!
Influence Peddling or Obvious Sighted Legislation? Only Texas residents can truly judge the end line of whether a hamstrung credit freeze regulations actually helps anybody, particularly when crime data already ensures that 80% to 90% from identity theft, online damage, credit card fraud and many others goes undetected until all the damage occurs. Common sense indicates that 'the horse has recently left the paddock' and also the game is over.
Which commercial interests are likely to support the Florida credit freeze law, with its clearly limited as well as punitive conditional support from Texas citizens? Amazingly, for anyone who is a grade school kid perhaps, the primary opponents from unrestricted credit freeze rights is the major credit bureaus such as Experian, TransUnion or Equifax. Although why? The answer is easy... it's all about cash.
Texas Resident Credit Records Are Money-Makers With the Credit Bureaus. Each of over 150 million individual credit rating files is a variety of intellectual property. Yes, it's information about you, your credit history, how and when you make your payments. Yet, individuals don't actually own or control his or her data. Instead, these records are frequently 'sold' to enquiring firms like banks, credit card businesses, department stores, gasoline sellers and many others. If an individual controls their own individual credit history record, then the bureau cannot make money from the data unless the consumer offers a formal notice to release the content.
Meanwhile, banks and credit-based card hawkers want to offer for sale more cards, more machines. And so do the Crooks, who by thieving chance and necessity choose to exploit any opportunity to reside high-on-the-hog at someone else's tremendous expense.
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The state of texas Credit Freeze Laws -- A Halfway Proceed to Block Identity Theft.
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