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 That i Dare You_2.

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PostSubject: That i Dare You_2.   Mon Oct 10, 2011 3:06 pm

On earth do you remember playing the game 'dare' with your friends as a little one or teen? I absolutely sure do. I remember sitting around at sleepovers and functions taking turns giving dares together. We would dare 1 to do the silliest or most scary things we could think of. Perhaps it may be to jump into a pool or lake from the winter or maybe we would dare each other to earn a prank phone call on the neighbors.
I miss days past of playing dare. Not we miss being made to do things that were generally foolish, but I miss the feelings of risk and of making life extra exciting. Until recently, my adult life had became much less risky and much less exciting than my childhood days were.
One day a short while ago I decided to reinvent the experience of dare for me. This time all on the dares came from ourselves to myself. No colleagues or neighbors were involved. My new dare game contained taking time to measure my current life. I grabbed a clear journal and began sealing page after page through reflections, questions, and wonders about how my life is among the most way it is. I also made more information on all the things in life we still dream about doing but have yet to completely try. I call it my "I dare you" list. I guess in some ways it does not take list of things that i am committing to dare myself to undertake in the coming many days and years of my life.
On my "I are brave enough you" list are the likes of learning how to throw my own pottery on a car, learning how to change the oil in my car, and spending thirty days backpacking through Europe. My number of dares contains things great and small. On it I dare myself for you to do things that will take a minute and I dare myself for you to do things that will affect me and others for the rest from my lifetime. I guess for me one mandatory thing in creating my "I care to you" list was not know about dares I included but just that I was completely honest with myself and that also I included everything Possible think to dare me personally about.
So now it is actually your turn. I dare anyone to take a good have a look at your life. I dare you carryout a list of all the matters you dreamed that your health would hold. And I dare anyone to commit to accomplishing things off that list every day and every year until each dare has long been done.
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That i Dare You_2.
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