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 Hackers door can become Sony into another Toyota.

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PostSubject: Hackers door can become Sony into another Toyota.   Sat Oct 08, 2011 6:39 pm

SONY of Japan Might possibly 1, held a advertising conference in Tokyo, the corporation network game user's private data theft apologize, promises to strengthen the owner information protection down the road. Analysts here, if "hacker door" readiness undeserved, SONY could have to deal with brand image damaged, probable huge compensation, strategic improvement frustrated and repeating typically the triple risk Toyota business enterprise twice. According to the prevailing situation, the United Areas identified local time, The spring 17 to 19, hacked into SONY ShengDieGeShi data server in the us, stolen SONY PS3 not to mention music, animation cloud service 'network ' Q riocity user login personal data, including name, address, beginning date and login designate and password, as many as 77 million individuals affected users, involving 57 countries and regions is largest as of yet, personal information theft happenings. The more make SONY casino game user worry about might be, 10 million personal plastic card account also exists theft likely. Although SONY designate, says such basic personal data with different, credit business card data processing by encryption, as yet confirm that there's the users for budgetary losses. But according to American media, allegedly steal data inside hackers start an online discussion sell private data, and already get 220 million claimed plastic card information. Although SONY emphasized which he is also hackers trespassed conduct, and has requested victims of this fbi involvement, but SONY incident on the public after a month reported, triggering Europe plus the related information strong dislike of this user. SONY has made available about 150 million all over the world users, including four in the PS3 in the us. For those used to credit cards to pay for that U. S. users, plastic card data theft is unique may. To this, the us, Connecticut attorney general seems to have written SONY, questioned the latter does not timely information to customers reported stolen. Familiar with Internet igaming industry Japan A F E economic researcher from the institute AnTian show this tree said, early inside SONY April 27 disclosure break-ins events, on the net has placed the issue before fry uproar, SONY released from found the challenge to drag for 1 week, to protect consumers utilize the perspective, it was too late. In addition, since the us house energy and commerce committee was a student in Toyota recalled to play a critical role in turmoil, the japanese kyodo news agency, explained the comments like SONY towards improper, give Toyota saffron which causes serious negative impact make of accountability turmoil in her body may repeat on its own. In addition to label damage and loss, SONY contains the user could face hefty claim how much. Capable of Japan Web-based crime lawyer JiTeng might possibly be the tree said, according in the usual practice, if were leaked data is restricted to name, telephone and also other basic information, compensation for each and every person 5, 000 yen to 1 million yen ($61 towards $123 dollars); If was basically leaking information privacy, reimbursement may significantly jumped. Had the japanese cosmetic enterprise for customers information leaked out, plus the results were court required every customer compensation towards 30, 000 yen ($368). For this measure, SONY face might possibly reach 2 trillion yen harm (245 billion). Even should that by Japanese yahoo, SONY also apologize compensation standards should pay 385 million yen ($4. 7 billion) --, this basic similar to SONY PS series game of this sales. SONY's strategic transformation can be because "hacker door" problems. SONY electronics manufacturing market place in television started, but in South Korea and other trade competition advantages regarding hardware does not have a continuous deficit, television division. Therefore, SONY tried to deliver services and Internet articles and other content combine multimedia home unit, looking for new locations.
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Hackers door can become Sony into another Toyota.
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