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 Exabyte Vxa-2 Recorded argument Storage Solution Provides Unmatched Reliability.

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PostSubject: Exabyte Vxa-2 Recorded argument Storage Solution Provides Unmatched Reliability.   Sat Oct 08, 2011 6:39 pm

Viruses, hackers, theft, appliance malfunctions, natural disasters, software bugs and system errors could affect the data integrity or might completely destroy your precious corporate facts. Data administrators are confronting new stiff challenges, and are generally expected to meet regulatory compliance requirements and control the rapidly growing info amounts with constrained solutions. Data managers have that will tackle these challenges while dealing with heightened security concerns, administration regulations, tighter budgets plus increased customer expectations.

Data administrators can believe the innovative VXA tape format that has been the leading tape-based typical in SMB market. VXA is the pioneer tape-based technology that can offer automated backup solution to a number of SMBs. Exabyte has a solid history in providing high-class recording storage solutions for about 25 years. VXA-2 tape solution isn't only ideal for SMBs, and provides unprecedented performance in workgroups, data-intensive backup applications and distributed computing areas.

Storage capacity offered by Exabyte VXA-2 tape cartridge will be 80GB/160GB. Increased storage capacity of VXA2 tape facilitates the users to securely transfer their voluminous data. What抯 more, you can quickly backup your data with Exabyte VXA-2 drive抯 spectacular throughput speed of 6 Mbps (native). When it reaches this rate, the VXA-2 drive seamlessly achieves an improved backup rate of 11. 6 GB per an hour.

The readers might be thinking that how successful is any VXA tape format? The leading edge giants in backup media and computing systems this includes Toshiba, Bull, Sony, TDK, Compaq, Fujitsu Siemens, IBM plus Panasonic have adopted the following innovative tape media format. VXA technology is different from other conventional tape formats. It features a different 揹ata packet? mechanism that can offer unrivaled reliability and would ensure seamless write/read operations.

The VXA drive breaks the feedback into smaller chunks and assigns them a unique address. When the drive receives the data packets, it is then re-assembled in the drive抯 data buffer. The re-assembled data is then verified as well as damaged or missing data is corrected with the 4-level Reed-Solomon error modification code. With the help of advanced technologies, the VXA tape format is 180 times going to correct & remove any errors than conventional tape-based remedies.

SMB customers can also count on Travan tape, lto-1 recorded argument, SLR tape, lto2 recorded argument, dds4 tape and SDLT recorded argument media technologies. AME (advanced metal evaporated) technology is used for the creation of VXA tape media. Base film of VXA tape is rather robust, while its unvarying tape surface allows specific data tracking and will reduce tape friction. The final result is significantly reduced recording deterioration and seamless record movement.

Rough tape handling and unintentional drops could be the common causes that could affect the data integrity and additionally damage the tape cartridge. That'sthe reason Exabyte has designed a deep cartridge to provide complete peace of mind against such mishandlings. MTBF report of Exabyte VXA-2 commute is 300, 000 working hours, which is the maximum in its class.

More archival life, low operating cost and also unmatched reliability make Exabyte VXA-2 tape the best dependable solution for the 21st century businesses. Product and software names mentioned throughout the next few paragraphs are trademarks and are sole property of their total owners.
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Exabyte Vxa-2 Recorded argument Storage Solution Provides Unmatched Reliability.
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