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 Data files Acquisition and Computer Criminal.

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PostSubject: Data files Acquisition and Computer Criminal.   Sat Oct 08, 2011 6:39 pm

Numerous hackers live and are nourished by other people抯 money in addition to resources. It is their primary income, and even though a small number of hackers use illegal details acquisition for fun, most need it for far more critical purposes.

Are hackers just pirates of this Internet?? Experts at villain data acquisition?? Or are they like Gary McKinnon, Scottish units administrator and hacker, accused of what one United states prosecutor claims is the "biggest military computer hack at that time. "? McKinnon has stated that he or she was just looking for proof free energy suppression along with cover-up of UFO activity and various other info potentially useful towards the public. The government evidently thinks otherwise. And after 9 years and several legal proceedings in Great britain, Gary McKinnon is by now awaiting extradition to our great country. Since his alleged wrongdoing, he was diagnosed by three of this world's leading psychiatric experts as suffering from Asperger抯 Syndrome, an autism disorder compounded with clinical sadness.? Does this make your boyfriend any less guilty?? Maybe not, but he has dedicated defenders who have launched a 揊ree Gary? campaign that is alive and kicking on most social media sites today.
How does this case concern those of us concerned with hackers skilled at data acquisition upon our home computers?? This really where digital forensics would come into play.? Starting to sound like a CSI episode?? Digital forensics investigates and recovers material used in all digital devices, often about computer crime. They analyze a broad range of information in support of a particular case.? All kinds of things is examined, from logs, like internet history, in the actual files on all the drive.? This evidence is certainly kept for cases in order to convict identity thieves, young child pornography criminals, cyber-terrorists, and all your other forms of criminal pc crimes.? Careful, even posting a simple message on line, that there will be considered bomb attack could be cyber terrorism.? So, for everybody you crazed wannabe killers out there, stop Googling 揌ow to kill people,? or you抣l soon be caught!

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Data files Acquisition and Computer Criminal.
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