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 Sony Ericsson C905 Mobile phone Review - The Ringing, Talking Digital Camera.

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PostSubject: Sony Ericsson C905 Mobile phone Review - The Ringing, Talking Digital Camera.   Wed Oct 05, 2011 4:33 pm

Seemingly not a year goes by when Sony Ericsson doesn't release one of its top end Cybershot phone. This year is no different! The Sony Ericsson C905 is the latest of the Cybershot solutions that Sony has in store for us all. In fact, the C905 goes one step further than all other Sony Ericsson surveillance camera phones do, and that is not just down to the touchscreen technology technology that is device. It is jam packed full of features that would get away from every user salivating, but does the handset live up to the hype?
The Sony Ericsson C905 is a candy bar phone but is a little larger than any candy bars that you may be used to. In fact, it is huge in comparison but seems much more solid than you would have imagined possible! It is by no means slim but this doesn't seem to matter whenever you delve a little below the outer. If you do desire a stylish phone above all else then this model is not really for you but it may well be very persuasive at the time you look deeper into all the features list. Having stated that, the 2. 8 inch QVGA panel dominates the handset and is extremely effective in making it look much more interesting.
The camera is an absolute strength of the Sony Ericsson C905 and provides mobile phone fans with one of the best mobile cameras around. It is packed full of features to enhance the images you adopt the phone and resembles a digital camera more than a mobile phone camera as a result. There is a Xenon show, auto focus, face recognition, best pic options, blur shake reduction and software in the handset to improve images as so when you like. Furthermore the camera is a whopping 8MP so the images you receive are guaranteed to hit you away. The colours are crisp, the detail excellent and the usability could not get better!
There are other nice touches hidden in the Sony Ericsson C905 have list. For example, it comes complete with GPS and Google Road directions, which would save you from purchasing a separate GPS system for the car. There are also many connectivity options in there, including WiFi, bluetooth, USB and a great web browser. The memory is also good to help support the above mentioned features at 160MB with a 2GB memory stick open to boost it.
There are a few niggles associated with the Sony Ericsson C905. The buttons on the keypad provide one of them. They are closely place and hard to press if your fingers are a little about the long or chunky area. It does not supplies a comfortable texting experience at first but it is possible to get used to that. The battery is also drained by use of the camera or GPS system so you may need to charge your phone regularly if you use either feature.
Overall though, there is very little to pick fault with on the Sony Ericsson C905. The phone is excellent and has been designed with technology and functionality as their intended purpose. The appearance of the handset really does not matter when you begin to use it. There are very few better camera phones available why not invest in the ideal?
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Sony Ericsson C905 Mobile phone Review - The Ringing, Talking Digital Camera.
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