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 Lenovo user demand to retreat and preassemble Vista system and is refused

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PostSubject: Lenovo user demand to retreat and preassemble Vista system and is refused    Sun Sep 11, 2011 7:46 pm

Lenovo claims that there is not personage of consumers' relationship of precedent that claims that will actually show clearly that return the systematic price Just after Mr. Wu's network purchases the laptop of Lenovo, thinks Vista system that preassembles and rule isn't followed well, returns Vista product, but is refused on agreement requirement when being installed then in accordance with the computer. Lenovo claims, hasn't already returned the systematic precedent well before this, there is truly regulation in this esteem. But director Lang DanKe for municipal complaint to customers' association department shows, Lenovo won't be suspected of being needed for breaking a contract retreating. Yesterday evening morning, reporters saw the model in ca315 interact of safeguarding the privileges. The model claims, a fabulous net friend buys that Lenovo computer, wants to return and is refused by simply Lenovo while preassembling Landscape system. The reporter gets touching Mr. Wu, net friend of Fujian for the hair card subsequently. The person claims, in October, he spent 5199 yuan network to locate the notebook computer regarding Lenovo. After getting all the computer, he want to return, if he does possibly not think Vista system work nicely. At the time belonging to the first starting up, couple of agreement clauses have been seen in, the first agreement sits to Microsoft, marking out " if doesn't necessarily accept the clause, please do not use this software, should phone manufacturers or installation worker, understand the regulation pertaining to replacing the goods to obtain the refund inches. The second clause is without a doubt Lenovo, " if has now obtained the software product or service and paid and made way for the expenses, please return him the software product to own side, by obtain and such as your refund of the paymenting " Look forward to the content. Wu Mr. claim he first contact one another side show can extend guarantee period behind this Lenovo. Lenovo tells him in the course of the second contact, the device needs to retreat utilizing cost price. Lenovo also claims in the course of the third contact, it really has been decided through consideration that doesn't return the system. One of Lenovo enhances solving Miss Wang that your middle and southern district complains to find out him, the agreement of Microsof company lets consumers understand the particular installation trader replaces the regulation for the goods, but there isn't an regulation in this admiration in Lenovo. It stands out as the usufruct of the computer the fact that the clause of Lenovo might be correspondent, the software included in this refers to the application of Lenovo, do possibly not include Vista system. Having Mr. Wu very difficult to simply accept repeatedly of Lenovo. The person shows, defining the software within the agreement has referred for you to something, it is favorable that will one's own explanation to visit wrong in Lenovo, this isn't responsible to belong that will. The reporter got touching Miss Wang yesterday, this girl showed, Lenovo did not necessarily return the regulation within the system, do not retreat and preassemble the system alone. Lenovo's notebook personal pc random tape Vista procedure, consumers choose this model while buying, indicate in order to approve of. To refered 3 response of Mr. Wu, this girl claims, Lenovo has never said that may retreat. Last night Lenovo recorded, they were contacting individual, did the best in order to resolve consumers' problem. As for this, director Lang DanKe signifies municipal complaint to customers' association department, if true for apple agreement if Mr. Wu is normally refered, he has a claim to interchange the system. If any trade company refuses refunds, act like breaking a contract, comes with infringed consumers' fair carry out right. But he shows also, because the systematic price concludes the company inside the producer not to mention trade company, so it's very difficult to confirm their price. Trade company impossible in accordance with the intersection of current amount on market and things rejected, it is problematic for consumer not available their price basis, it is relatively difficult for cost price how the trade company talks heading to let consumers approve of. So, with what price commodities rejected is this that on the planet undeterminable. He shows, as being the trade company shows which can return the system, should show the price tag containing system in improve clearly. Beijing hundred zillion good the intersection in lawyer's office and Liu the particular intersection of result not to mention lawyer show agreement for Microsoft declare, can regard as an guarantee in consumers once and for all. The computer cost in which consumers paid, has presently included preassembling the step-by-step expenses, so Lenovo Organization, as the installing trader should return the price.
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Lenovo user demand to retreat and preassemble Vista system and is refused
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