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 2 user experience multi-angle white samsung samsung netbook nc10-internet-it sectors of the

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PostSubject: 2 user experience multi-angle white samsung samsung netbook nc10-internet-it sectors of the   Tue Oct 04, 2011 6:51 pm

<!-- google_ad_section_start -->3G Internet in the dawn of this, some students use the Internet this increase CD MA experience life on the card, but certainly not too long this time, 3G will change the Internet this time. The uniform section will be rational and emotional experience of products together for your reference.Emotional trial by: Tracy
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(Although a IT worker, but Tracy always some students Digital Products stunned, a less demanding person)Ng text as a coolie, I am most sad thing is to be carrying such as "tortoiseshell" the same Notebook Package to run around. My laptop is HP, very old DV1618 series, movies and good, but very heavy. Then the company deployed Dell The D410, although a bit light, but the volume is still large, the most depressing is that the battery is bad, no electricity for half an hour every time I went to interview on-site first thing is to find power.Been wondering why it lightly to get a notebook, the original target is IBM, but when the Internet emerged when the rush began to consider whether it altogether for a netbook. Including the first ASUS, to the Internet later this cottage has a small saw, the overall impression is that the screen is not big enough, Keyboard Too small, it is not comfortable, and always feel its function is not perfect, fear of affecting the work, was a busy and forget the matter was.Recently courtesy of the students after the field had a Samsung netbook NC10 (Parameter Photo Articles Forum) I use pretty surprised, did not think Samsung has a line of this. Perhaps I did not focus too long on the Internet in this, and actually found that 10 inch screen can already do, but the keyboard like those seen prior to the Internet this so rough and crowded, very texture. For a written textwho wrote under the weather, so I chose to try to write the final evaluation of the reason is: I can put it easily into my bag and in Beautiful's! This also means that I do not have carrying around tortoiseshell interviewed! Mad love to know to buy a package of 80, I go out an interview because the bags can not show off upset for a long time, a bunch of good-looking bags are thrown into the house, I was a sad ah.The topic. In fact, for IT workers like me who, NC10's configuration is sufficient to meet. Nothing but writing, information search, communication, and watching movies. Of course, I try the NC10 also comes with the card (Telecom CDMA), which is particularly suitable for my kind of pseudo-business people. While our great operation, operators, Internet speed is still slow, but the writing, write e mail communication is not a problem. In particular, the battery can support more than 4 hours, really makes me worry too much, and want to know is not so easy to find any places in power.Also worth saying, of course, can not fail to mention is the appearance of Samsung product has been very beautiful, this NC10 Baibai Liang Liang, the girls come up to the qualities of particular lady (of course I am also a pseudo-lady), also make people feel cute (cute that I do not deny).I have seen this cottage online edition series, the appearance of the design and fashion but get very popular. Even groups of students to please not this way, now look after 80,90, not the older aunts and uncles can easily understand the drops. Wellshortcomings. In fact, s hard to say because I use the laptop before are heavy and sink, so this makes me feel quite NC10 has been good. If you can re-light a little like, preferably made of built-in network card, with an Internet access or easy to get lost running around. I just do not ask a person to see But to be honest, the ordinary boys, to have such a generous access to the Internet in this small enough to be getting.Trial rate: 4.5 (out of 5)Deepest impression: white appearance, but not cottageTracy and her NC10, also E71, red wallet I am an expert from, while we provides the quality product, such as Car Video Recorder With GPS Manufacturer , Dual Channel Car Camera, Waterproof hd Camcorder 1080P,and more. <!-- google_ad_section_end -->

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2 user experience multi-angle white samsung samsung netbook nc10-internet-it sectors of the
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