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 The Coolest Gadgets To Focus In 2011

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PostSubject: The Coolest Gadgets To Focus In 2011   Tue Oct 04, 2011 6:50 pm

Mobile Phones:
Mobile phones are probably the most popular consumer gadget available today. In 2010 we saw the launch of the 1st Super Amoled screens & 1GHz processor with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S & Samsung Wave 8500 which was believed to be the best processor & best screen on a mobile. But just a week into the New Year we have seen these toppled with launch of Motorola ATRIX & LG Optimus 2X with 1GHz Dual core processor. Samsung also announced the Infuse 4G with a Super AMOLED Plus technology that should lead to image quality even sweeter than before.LG Optimus Black has the innovative Wi-Fi direct feature that allows users to connect devices through Wi-Fi connections without the need of a Wi-Fi hotspot. But LG wasn't satisfied by Wi-Fi Direct but it also added the world's brightest screen and the first 2 mega pixel video-call camera added inside this pioneer device. Motorola ATRIX comes with a Biometric fingerprint reader which is really cool & useful to keep secrets a secret. Sony Ericsson XPERIA Play is a highly rumored phone which is set to be release at The Mobile World Congress this Feburary.Its a touchscreen phone with dedicated keys for gaming on a slider panel. With the year already of to a mind blowing start its now the turn of Apple to impress with its Iphone. Nokia in the recent years seems to be lagging behind when it comes to firsts & that's the case this year too.

Last year Apple set the ball rolling in the tablets market it the I-pad & then Samsung followed suit with its on Galaxy Tab. These where the only 2 choices in 2010.But this year its a whole new ball game. RIM is said to enter the tablet market with their very own BlackPad/PlayBook, Palm to come into it with the Palm Pad/Hurricane, Motorola another giant to enter, HP already shown concept models of the HP Slate. & Notion Ink the Indian company started by a few tech IIT-KGP to bring the Adam. Apple should also launch the Ipad2 like any Apple product it is expected to be a game changer. Samsung is also not likely to give-up on their successful Galaxy Series & sets to launch better models with Super Amoled displays & dual cores hopefully.

3D has been here for a few years now & Avatar put it in the forefront after its epic success but there was no real content to watch except that. But now expect more 3D TV's to come out as there is more content available & it will be much cheaper. Also watch out for more 2D to 3D TV's from Samsung & others that converts 2D content into 3D.3D camera's are already out in the market & now JVC has rolled out the first consumer 3D camcorder in the world that is capable of recording in full HD which is really cool for those who can afford it.3D without glasses is not a distant dream as Nintendo is set to launch the Nintendo 3DS this year. This is a must have for the game-a-holics.

Other things to look out for:

The idiot box is set to become a lot smarter. The Andriod attack is on & it all set to capture the TVs as well after making mark on the mobile phone & tablet market. TV's might now come with pre-installed Google TV or you can buy a set-top box with Google TV much like Apple TV. The remote control will be used to access the Andriod market place & download apps. There are no official announcements yet but it would be pretty cool to have a smart box. Also expect the usual the TV's to get bigger & thinner and the displays to get brighter, better & crisper

The new Nike + Sports Watch GPS uses the Nike+ sensor based in the shoe for tracking time, pace, distance, calories burned as well as heart rate.

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The Coolest Gadgets To Focus In 2011
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