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 Lenovo Notebook Battery Knowledge

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PostSubject: Lenovo Notebook Battery Knowledge   Sun Sep 11, 2011 6:32 pm

< h4> The makeup of laptop battery< /h4> Personal computer battery is from electric battery cells, control circuits, that include charging and discharging enterprise components, while the quality in batteries for notebook battery pack the overall effect is the best. At present the principal notebook computer batteries use industry-standard batteries, generally divided into two different cylindrical and square. Cylindrical-shaped batteries batteries larger than 5 size, while the square of how large is the batteries is roughly equivalent to the figures on a Zippo lighter. < h4> How to look for the number of battery solar cells? < /h4> The current capacity of this mainstream of batteries: cylindrical for those 3. 6 ~ 3. 7V/2000 ~ 2200mAh, square for those 3. 6 ~ 3. 7V/1800 ~ 2000mAh, so the battery naturally use of the volume of batteries, can be inferred in accordance with the above figures, such as being the IBM ThinkPad T60 wide variety and thinkpad T61 power supply 10. 8V/4400mAh, then is it doesn't number of batteries 6, which has a three-string, and two tactics, namely: the three energy-saving core series that should be 3 X 3. 6V = 10. 8V, the 2 main major sets of series when the batteries in parallel and after that get 2 x 2200mAh = 4400mAh. The IBM ThinkPad T40 power and thinkpad T42 battery to rise battery 10. 8/6600mAh, then number 9 on energy, using a three-string, and additionally three ways, namely: the three energy-saving core series that should be 3 X 3. 6V = 10. 8V, the 2 main major groups after the batteries in series and after that parallel to be 3 by 2200mAh = 6600mAh. Typically, the greater expansion of your difference between battery not to mention standard battery is an increase of the numerous batteries connected in parallel to rise capacity. Overall, the laptop battery theory have to be used in digital cameras, camcorders and rechargeable batteries(thinkpad t60 power supply, thinkpad t61 battery) basically. The number of batteries available as one volume the greater extra its long battery existence. < h4> Laptop variety Certification: < /h4> 1, CCC Official document: CCC certification, which usually means "China Compulsory Certification", all the English name "China Necessary Certification", abbreviated as CCC. CCC official document mark of "CCC", the National Certification and additionally Accreditation Administration Committee in agreement with "Administrative Regulations for Necessary Product Certification" (The Individual's Republic of China State Administration of Quality Guidance, Inspection and Quarantine Sequence No. 5) developed. some, CE certification. "CE" mark is a fabulous safety certification mark is certainly the manufacturer to wide open and entered the Western market passport. CE on the part of European unification (CONFORMITE EUROPEENNE). Any affixed with "CE" mark for the product can be sold while in the EU member countries, not essential to meet the requirements of member, thus achieving the commodity on the EU member states with the scope of free blood flow. In the EU markets, "CE" mark is your compulsory certification mark, whether throughout the EU production of supplements, or products of alternative countries, in order to free circulation while in the EU market, must be affixed to the "CE" mark to indicate product good EU "technical coordination and standardization for the new approach" directive basic requirements. This is a service made by EU laws a mandatory requirement. EU member states must remain based certification bodies can issue certificates. 3, other sorts of (environmental class certification) Brief summary: In the notebook authentication alternate options above, if the sayings behind the CE certification preferred option may, considering that, Europe's stringent testing with electronic products in China and taiwan stronger than some (personal view), surely, and if not, CCC certification is.
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Lenovo Notebook Battery Knowledge
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