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 Toshiba R700 proclaimed Ultra-thin, ultra-portable notebook.

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PostSubject: Toshiba R700 proclaimed Ultra-thin, ultra-portable notebook.   Sun Sep 25, 2011 2:13 pm

According to Toshiba it does not take "thinnest and lightest full-function 33. 8cm (13. 3'') pc. " Toshiba defines any "full function laptop" for a device which has any optical drive, standard voltage COMPUTER and runs Windows 7. "Our long-standing engineering experience has enabled us to development a laptop with an unparalleled blend of high performance, mobility together with features 鈥? yet in the decent price, " shows Andre Rossouw, Regional Overall Manager for Toshiba[toshiba laptop battery] Southern region Africa. The result may be a slim and light thirty-three. 8cm (13. 3'') ultra-portable product that measures 16. 8mm tall which includes a starting weight of 1. 3kg, reported by Toshiba. <! --INFOLINKS_OFF-->

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"To achieve a tool like the Port茅g茅 R700 we've got made major advances in three areas: heat direction, chassis construction, and remembrance chip deployment, " clearly shows Rossouw. Airflow Cooling Technological innovation, co-developed by Intel庐 together with Toshiba, allows the integration of your latest Intel庐 Core family processors during the slim form factor in the Port茅g茅 R700 while keeping the sound for the fan to a minimum. A honeycomb structure while in the palmrest area makes the particular Port茅g茅 R700 highly strong against flexing, says Toshiba. By way of stacking the memory plug-ins vertically, the Port茅g茅 R700 can accommodate about 8GB RAM. The R700 options standard voltage Intel庐 Foremost processors and an optical cd drive. According to Toshiba all the notebook PC will still run for a entire working day all the way to eight hours on only one charge of a 6-cell battery[laptop battery]. Toshiba also says the fact that notebook has been lose tested to 70cm. The extender supports connection to a docking station which contains HDMI and USB 3. 0 jacks. The Toshiba Port茅g茅 R700 might be available in South Photography equipment from October 2010 at the recommended retail price associated with R12, 999. 00. <! --INFOLINKS_OFF-->.
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Toshiba R700 proclaimed Ultra-thin, ultra-portable notebook.
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